How To Start Rubber Making Business

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Doing business is always beneficial. Through business, you can earn a lot of money as well as provide employment to people. Before starting any business, it is very important to have all the information related to that business so that you can make your business successful. In our previous articles, we have told you about the business of making school uniforms and the business of making blackboard chalk . Today we are going to give you information about the business of making erasers, i.e., erasers, so that you can do this business in a successful way and become a successful trader.

Eraser Uses

Erasing rubber is used a lot by children, and its demand is also very high. This type of rubber is used a lot by college students and also in many types of offices.

Raw Materials Price Details

The primary thing that is most important in making an eraser is rubber, and two types of rubber can be used in this business. One of which is natural rubber and the other is synthetic rubber. Petroleum products such as ethylene and styrene are used to make synthetic rubber. Natural rubber, on the other hand, is obtained from the latex of the rubber tree.

Rubber Price and Where to Buy Rubber

Rubber prices do not remain the same; they keep on changing. Therefore, it is difficult to tell their exact price. You can also buy rubber online or you can buy it from any seller in your city. Below we have given you some links, in which you can find the numbers and information of sellers of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

Information about other ingredients

Organic Dyes

Rubber is coloured with the help of organic dyes. You must have seen many coloured rubbers in the shop, and these erasers are coloured with the help of organic dyes.

Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are also types of organic dyes that are used to give colour to rubber. If you want to make white coloured rubber, then you will need zinc oxide and titanium oxide. On the other hand, if you want to give a red colour to your rubber, then you will need iron oxide.


Sulfur is called Gandhak in Hindi, and it is also used to make erasers. The eraser is vulcanised with the help of sulphur. Vulcanized makes the eraser stronger, and heat and sulphur are used to strengthen the eraser to make it more durable and resistant to heat.

where to buy sulfur

You can buy Sulfur from any chemical shop or you can also order it online through .120 grams of sulfur comes up to 300 rupees. On the other hand, if you buy it in large quantities, then it becomes a little cheaper for you.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is also used to make erasers. Actually, by using it, the eraser is softened and shaped. There are many types of vegetable oils available in the market, whose price starts from Rs.

You will also need materials like Abrasive, Lithophone and Factice to make the eraser. These chemicals are also used to make erasers.

Eraser Making Machine

Automatic machines are used to make erasers and these machines are easily available. You can also buy eraser making machine online. If you want to take these machines online, then you have to go to this link for this.

Eraser Making Machine Price

The price of the machine depends on what kind of machine you are buying, that means if you take a machine with the capacity to make more eraser, then it will cost you up to 10 lakhs. At the same time, a machine with less capacity will cost you a little cheaper than this.

The Manufacturing Process of Eraser

Before making an eraser, you have to decide whether you want to make an eraser from natural rubber or want to use synthetic rubber. There is no difference between these two types of rubber. So you can use any of these types of rubber.

At the same time, once you have decided which type of rubber you will use, you buy that type of rubber. But when you take synthetic rubber, you get it like a powder. whereas natural rubber is not available in powder form. That’s why you first have to make the natural rubber, which comes in lumps like powder.

How to Pack an Eraser

After making the erasers, the next most important task is to pack them. The eraser is frequently packaged in two ways: in one, it is wrapped in polythene, and in the other, it is wrapped in paper or cardboard.From these two types of packing, you have to choose one type of packing for your rubber.

Apart from this, you will also need cardboard boxes to pack these erasers. You will have to get these cardboard boxes made by the merchant who makes the boxes. Apart from this, if possible, write the name of your company on these boxes. Because by doing this, your company will also be promoted.

Location selection

To set up this business of erasers, you will need at least 600 to 1000 acres of space. The size of the place depends on the level at which you are starting this business. If you are starting this business from a single machine, then you will not need to take up a large space.

How much to keep the price of your eraser Price of Eraser :

The price of erasers available in the market starts from Rs. Therefore, you should also keep the price of your eraser around the prices of erasers available in the market.

If possible, initially keep the price of your eraser less than the prices of erasers available in the market. Because by doing this your eraser can be sold more.

At the same time, once your business starts running well, then you can increase the price of your eraser.

With this business you can start more business

Rubber is such a thing that is used to make many types of things. Therefore, if you want, after establishing your eraser business well, you can start other business related to rubber. For example, you can also manufacture pencils which have an eraser at the back. Apart from this, you can also start the business of rubber stamps.

Registration and  License of Business

Even if you start your business on a small scale, you still need to enroll your business. By enrolling your business, you get the benefit of many government schemes. After enrolling the company, the second most important task is to get the license for your business. There are many trades in which license is required and you also need to get license in erasing rubber business. You will get this license from the local authority of your state.

Promotion and Marketing of your business

At this time in the market, many companies do the work of making erasers and the erasers of these companies are sold well. In such a situation, you will have to resort to promotion to compete with these companies.

With the help of promotion, your company will be promoted and people will be able to get information about your company’s eraser. Which will increase the sales of your eraser

How To Start Rubber Making Business,Rubber band making raw material,How to start slipper manufacturing business,How to start rubber stamp business,Rubber business ideas


Start the business of making eraser only when you have a good understanding of this business. You may face some difficulties in starting this business. But if you work carefully then you can get a lot of success in this business.

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